Please Read: Tower storm is still in very early alpha so on occasion the game may freeze or lag out, if this happens try refreshing your browser, it fixes most problems. It’s also quite different to other Tower Defense games so we highly recommend playing the tutorial first.

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Gameplay Overview

TL;DR – Tower Storm is PvP Tower Defense. You can vs other people or AI. You need to build towers to defend and send minions to attack, you gather gold quicker the more minions you send. Towers can upgrade. Click on the soulstones minions drop when they die to level them up.

The game is currently PvP only so you need to both build towers and send minions at your opponent. If your minions get through your opponents defenses they will take damage and if their health drops below zero they die and you win the game.

Every time you send a minion your income increases and every second you gain gold equivalent to how much income you have. This means that as you send more and more minions you gain gold faster allowing you to send more powerful minions and so on. Minions continue to give you income even after they die.

To build towers select them from the left and place them on the map, to build minions click on the icons on the right and they spawn instantly.

You can upgrade towers by clicking on them, upgrading is slightly more cost efficient than building more towers.

When minions die they drop soulstones. You need to click on these within 10 seconds to collect them. The soulstones refresh that minion type so you can send more .Once you’ve collected 30 of a certain minion type that minion will level up becoming 6 x as strong but costing 5 x as much.

Ok thanks for reading the overview 🙂 You’re ready to go now, click the Create game button below to play:

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  • CreapiSniper

    This game is ADDICTIVE! altho the servers freeze quite a few times, and reloading the page didnt rly work, its the BEST tower defense game that i ever played (altho the starcrat 2 line tower wars map has better graphics and more units, i’d still prefer this coz 1. f2p starcrafters cant play the map and 2. it just takes ages to start up sc2 and join a game whatsoever and here its just a click away)

    • Solace

      Thanks! 🙂 Do you enjoy PvP or Survival mode more? Sorry about the lag and crashing, I’m working on improving that at the moment.

      • CreapiSniper

        i like PvP better, because its faster paced than survival, and its a lot of fun playing with friends. Also, building removal would be nice, or even better, added as an option with the game creation (allowed or disabled)

        • Solace

          Ah awesome, glad you enjoy it 🙂 I’ve been putting a lot of effort into the PvP mode to balance it to perfection so let me know if you feel any towers or races are too strong or too weak and any other suggestions you have to improve it. You can email me at if you like.

          I’m working on building removal as well as upgrading right at this moment, it should be available very soon.

  • CreapiSniper

    reporting a critical bug, the browser keeps reloading the whole webpage when i send units. Also awesome job with the tower and minion levelling, i really love it!

    • Solace

      Hey thanks for the bug report 🙂 I’m looking into it now, unfortunately I can’t find a reliable way to reproduce it, it just seems to randomly happen which makes it hard to figure out why it’s happening.

      Cheers, Solace

      • CreapiSniper

        i think it might be the servers overloading, because it only seems to happen when im sending lots of high-level units simultaneously with the crystal-collecting technique

        • Solace

          @CreapiSniper – This refresh bug should now be fixed, thanks for reporting it and please let me know if it occurs again.

  • CreapiSniper

    Glad to hear it has been fixed, and i love the new game creation menu and the addition of usernames. i’m suprised i’m the only one commenting on this game, its sooooo goood

    • Solace

      Thanks! The game only has a few hundred players a month at the moment as I haven’t been marketing it all yet. Though it’s growing steadily and seeing more and more constant players which is good. Others have sent in feedback via the contact form / social media / email etc. Next time you play jump in and you may be able to play a game with me and my friends and other fans 🙂

  • A good start Solace,

    Please show some background wallpaper behind the game. Makes it more professional!

    Looking forward to the improvements!

    • Solace

      Wallpaper is coming soon. The game is still in early stages so isn’t quite polished yet as I’m focusing on gameplay, server stability and fixing bugs, but I’m working on it 🙂

  • CaptainCookieMonster

    Been keeping my eye on this game for a while and watching all the improvements. Really digging how challenging it has become particularly with having to upgrade my towers and minion upgrades. It’s really fun, my friends and I play all the time! I LOVE TOWERSTORM.

  • Luronn

    just played the tutorial for a bit:

    – When game starts money goes up while in pop-up box (may be just tutorial)
    – icon placement/mob position changes depending on size of window: start fullscreen, reduce size, markers move

    – are soulstones collected recorded?
    – click on turret, then can only close with clicking on map, not in other boxes, settings for eg.
    – goblin and ogre both come up minion in tutorial
    – level stat might be nice on turrets?
    – music comes on even if game muted on win (lose as well maybe?)
    – Also, music doesn’t loop after finished?
    – home/play again buttons not centered on win/lose

    • Luronn

      created game, join displayed on left hand side, druid bot on right, can only place turrets in druid’s territory(right), my monsters spawn in left side(my side) mobs spawn infinitely from druid, as well as my bots, but now that all of my towers are destroyed, the mobs are walking off the path and into the forest, no way to finish game.

      However, that gave me a pretty good opportunity to muck around. Can spawn loads of units without losing framerate too much

      at 6 digits money gets a little hard to read for the last digit

      overtime message came up but i wasnt paying attention by this point, so I was unsure about what it said. Maybe having an “overtime” graphic somewhere with permanent explanation text “next tower down wins” or whatever

      I only just noticed that the druid’s sides towers were somehow being damaged, maybe because of overtime, I don’t know. Anyway, after I’d made 1 million and built a smiley face monument, the last druid tower got destroyed, and I was defeated.

      Went to play another game, and realised that I didn’t actually choose a side. I was able to build somehow though. lol

      • towerstorm

        Haha yea games shouldn’t be startable without players on both teams so that’s a bug. The overtime happens 30 minutes into the game and makes each side take damage every few seconds until one side wins. The overtime is mainly to stop games going on forever if say a player starts a game with bots then leaves and the bots aren’t able to get past each others defenses. We’re trying to make games go for around about 10 minutes on average so players should never get to overtime unless something bugs out.

        That’s strange that you could play without choosing a side, I guess it only let you purchase a basic tower as that tower can be purchased by anyone no matter what team they choose.

    • Luronn

      Started another game, myself and a druid bot vs. two shadow bots. The first while, mobs who got stuck and couldnt move once they were hit. It eventually froze, reloaded itself and it was fine.

      game got pretty intense, froze, and had to reload. loaded, then had to reload. Stuck in reload loop. Loads, a new game now, not the old one, then once it gets to “new game starts in 15 seconds” has to reload.

      • towerstorm

        Ah yep that’s a desync bug. What browser are you playing in? We’ve noticed it seems to occur on OSX a lot more than Windows too. I’m working on ways to fix this bug atm.

    • towerstorm

      Thanks for all the feedback Luronn! We really appreciate it 🙂

      Soulstone collections are recorded. Currently they give experience to the minion type that dropped the soul stone then once you’ve collected 30 soul stones for that minion type it will level up becoming 6 x as strong and costing 5 x as much.

      We’re looking to add a level stat to the turrets very soon.

      The music used to loop but we found it was getting a bit repetitive with longer games so we made it only play once. Once there are more sound effects for all towers, minions being damaged, minions dying and castles being damaged there should be enough sound that players won’t notice the music stopping.

      All the other issues are bugs that we will look into and fix ASAP 🙂 We’re going to be doing a big new release of Tower Storm at the end of next week and after that will be spending a few weeks just tweaking the UI, fixing bugs and improving the gameplay.

  • jc

    Hi Towerstorm. Just curious, what game engine did you use to create the game?

    • towerstorm

      Hi jc,

      We use impactjs as the main engine, it’s quite nice but if I were starting out again I’d probably use something open source like as they have a lot more development and improvements and plugins coming out than impact does.

      For the new version we’ve switched the rendering engine to pixi.js as it uses WebGL as the renderer for PC’s that support it making the game super fast on any PC with a modern graphics card.

      Cheers, Tim