Hey peeps, I’ve been working on a re-design of the UI. Trying to tie in the themes as well as create a layout that is intuitive to use. I wanted to give players more information about the minions whilst still maintaining an easy to use design. Tim and I will be working closely together to […]

New Tutorial - Minions give income

A quick patch this week to address some bugs and issues that have come up since launch. The first was the tutorial didn’t work, this has been fixed and you can now play the tutorial via the main game menu. Secondly there were some issues with servers running out of ram and crashing. I’ve done […]

It’s FDA approved and ready for general consumption. The tutorial is currently broken so I’ve disabled it until I can get it working again. To celebrate I’m streaming Tower Storm and playing with fans (that’s you!) all day at  You can also chat with us at So if you don’t know how to […]

It’s been a while since Tower Storm has had an update as we’ve been working flat out completely overhauling the game including adding all new graphics, towers, minions and gameplay, creating what we believe is the next evolution in Tower Defense games. Now we’re finally ready to show the world. Check out the video above […]

Hello people of the internet, Nathan here. I work on the art for Tower Storm. I don’t know if anyone will be reading this but I shall be posting up Tower Storm art and maybe running through some of the ideas floating around my cerebrum. One of the hardest things I’ve found about doing the art […]

New Tower Storm design with damage booster information

Only a few minor updates to the gameplay this week as we’ve been working hard on the next generation of graphics for Tower Storm and also turning it into an Android app (if you’d like to test out the Android app when it’s ready let us know). Gameplay Fixes We recently realized that the Architects […]

New Tower Storm background and UI

It’s been another full on week in Tower Storm HQ. For the first time ever we finally have a real background. The map layout is exactly the same however the new art makes the game actually look like a real game. Plus it covers the full screen on mobile devices so you no longer have […]