Defeated by tiny minions

Towers can now upgrade, minions can now level up

Today Tower Storm gets a major new patch finally making it a real Tower Defense game 🙂

Tower Upgrading
Tower Upgrading

Upgrading has been added to Towers, so you don’t have to spam them everywhere to destroy the oncoming onslaught of giants any more. All towers can upgrade a maximum of 5 times. Overall it is slightly more cost efficient to upgrade towers than it is to build more but the downside of just upgrading is you only have one of that tower instead of having it in multiple positions on the map. This creates an interesting dynamic where you can build powerful towers in a tight cluster or spread them out for more even damage over the entire map, which is better? Who knows, you’ll have to try and see.

You can also click on your opponents towers to see how much range they have.

Minion levels and experience bars
Minion levels and experience bars

You’ll also notice your minions are now a lot smaller than they used to be, this is because they’re now only puny level 0 minions. Minions now start off slightly weaker (and cheaper) than before but as you collect soul stones of that minion type they gain experience. Once you’ve collected 30 soul stones of that minion type it levels up gaining:

  • 6 x health
  • 5 x cost
  • 4.5 x income

Although they’re don’t produce as much income as before they become much stronger than before. They also increase in size so you can see them crushing your opponents defenses that much easier.

You’ll notice in the screenshot that there is now a purple bar below each minion, this is the experience bar and when it reaches the end the minion gains a star. The star signifies what level each minion is so you can see at a glance. Finally the grey box you can see over the ogre is the respawn timer for that minion so you can see exactly when more will become available.

The reason I waited to release these 2 major changes together is if I added one and not the other the game would become unbalanced, and keeping the game balanced is one of my top priorities.

I still need to add more information on Tower Upgrades so you can see what each upgrade does, but for now just keep in mind that upgrading is slightly stronger than building more towers and you can look at how fast the opponents minions are dying to see how powerful your towers are 🙂

Enjoy and as always let me know what you think good or bad.

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