So I’ve been working on the Tower Storm maps a lot lately, it’s been really fun developing my skill set in this area but I really needed something fresh so I thought I’d concept some minions for a new race. I call this guy the bruiser, he is extremely strong but slow and when he […]

crusader home test

  Hello there, I’m excited to bring you this update. I’ve been working on the environments and maps. Creating a style for the game as well as trying to develop an efficient pipeline for the development of map creation. I worked on a number of ideas before concluding to the what we have now. The […]

The Tower Storm contact us form is now working again. Unfortunately it broke when we moved web hosts a while ago and I didn’t notice until recently. If you’ve tried to send us feedback and received an error please send it again, we love all feedback good or bad.

Hey guys, Most of my art time is dedicated to either creating assets or doing RnD for TS.  The rest of the time, I’m enjoying my travels, experiencing different cultures and meeting new people. I find travelling really helps me with my creativity but sometimes can be really distracting so time management is incredibly important. I have […]

Hey peeps, I’ve been working on a re-design of the UI. Trying to tie in the themes as well as create a layout that is intuitive to use. I wanted to give players more information about the minions whilst still maintaining an easy to use design. Tim and I will be working closely together to […]