Contact form failure + responses to questions (matchmaking!)

Thank you everyone who sent in feedback now that the contact form is fixed, we really appreciate it! Unfortunately I discovered yesterday that email addresses weren’t being sent through with the form so I have no way to actually respond to your questions. Thus i’ve decided to answer them here instead:

Dieter Schulte – Hey I love this game, you guys have done a wonderful job! My friends and I were wondering if you were planning on adding a matchmaking system of some sort. even if it doesn’t have a rating system attached to it?

Hell yes! We’ve been wanting matchmaking for so long ourselves and you’ll be happy to know we’re just putting the finishing touches on the matchmaking system right now. It has a rating system and you can also find matches as a team of 2 or 3 too so you can play with your friends against others all over the world. It will also feature a ladder of the best Tower Storm players so we can see who the best player in the world really is. 

David –  I love this game but am sad to see there is no matchmaking at all. Would love to see this as a feature if it’s still being updated.

Ok ok, we’ll stop making you sad. Matchmaking will be available next patch! 🙂 

Alexia – I found your game, played the tutorial and accidentally managed to bug it to get stuck. Basically I upgraded my first crossbow tower a few times, so by the time the tutorial told me to build a second tower the first one managed to kill it before I built the second. Now it just keeps telling me to build another crossbow even though I have! Hope you can fix it.

Thanks for letting us know Alexia. We’ll get this fixed in the next release. 

Chris Collins – FREE all-in-one Home Security System

Oh Chris, little do you know how useless a home security system is when droids and ice elementals have rocked up at your door. 

The bug with emails not coming through has been fixed too, so if you send anything through the contact form in the future I’ll be able to email you back 🙂

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