Fire elemental

Hey guys,

Most of my art time is dedicated to either creating assets or doing RnD for TS.  The rest of the time, I’m enjoying my travels, experiencing different cultures and meeting new people. I find travelling really helps me with my creativity but sometimes can be really distracting so time management is incredibly important. I have not done much personal work lately and I’ve kinda been missing that, so I decided to practice on some of the areas that I feel needs improving whilst using TS as the subject matter. This way its killing tow birds with one stone. We have more art for TS and I’m being creatively satisfied.

Here is a progress shot of the fire elemental and the steps I go through from scratch to finish.

1. I start with a very rough idea of what I want. The main goal here is to pose the character and define the silouhette.

2. I then work on the outlines. For me this step is the longest and I think that’s because I tend to be a perfectionist at times when I shouldn’t. This step is also important to help me create sections for colour filling.

3. Final step is rendering. This type of rendering is very quick, its more working with gradients as opposed to hand painting. At the time I was influenced by a fusion of comic pop art.


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