6 players, 5 lanes, Tower Storm just got a whole lot more intense.

New maps, gameplay, features and chat – the next evolution of Tower Storm is finally here

Been craving some Multiplayer Tower Defense but bored of the single simple Tower Storm map? Your prayers have been answered!

This has been and will forever be the longest wait between releases for Tower Storm. We were very ambitious taking all your ideas on board and building something great. Unfortunately it took a lot longer than expected due to almost all our entire back-end being overhauled and reworked to support matchmaking and all the new features we’re adding soon.

So what’s new in this release?

Matchmaking Mode

No longer are you stuck playing Tower Storm with only your group of friends. Now you can take on the world! Matchmaking allows you to queue up by yourself or with up to 3 people and we’ll pair you with others of a similar skill level and throw you in a game together.


No matchmaking system would be complete without a high scores table. As you win and lose matches your Elo score will go rise and fall and you can see your ranking versus everyone else in the world on the leader board.


Finally you can coordinate attacks and tell your team mates how terrible they’re playing!  There are 3 new types of chat in Tower Storm. You can add friends and when they’re online and click on their name to chat with them. You can chat in the matchmaking lobby to coordinate strategy. Lastly you can chat with your team mates in game to all attack at the same time or let them know where they should be building towers.

Brand new 5 lane map

We felt the old single lane map was getting a little long in the tooth. So we’ve retired it for now, instead adding a 5 lane much more exciting battlefield for you to play on.

When you place minions on the map you now need to select them first then click on the spawn point you’d like them to spawn from.

Small castles with big bonuses

When you destroy small castles on the map your minions now get a health and speed boost. The more castles you kill the stronger they will be. You can click on castles to see what kind of boosts they give, some are much more powerful than others.

Tower and Minion balances

Most of the AOE towers have been slightly nerfed and all minions have had a health buff. We’re still working on balance and will be monitoring ranked games to see what races are too strong or weak. If you feel some races need a buff or nerf let us know.

Gold Changes

Income has been lowered and gold from killing minions has gone way up. You now get three times as much gold for killing a minion and both your allies get half that amount even if they didn’t participate in the kill. This allows you to focus purely on defence if you like while your allies go on the offensive.

We hope you enjoy the new release and as always we love all your feedback. Let us know what you think!


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  1. Alessandro Rossetti

    Hi, i find your name really nice but creating a lobby it’s often problematic!
    There are other bugs, after a 25 minutes game, the game freezed giving the error bad subscription key analyzing it.
    Is it an opensource project? What did you used to make it?


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